Having recently signed a monster pact with the Phillies, Chase Utley might want to think about throwing a bone or two in the direction of a certain ex-Iggle. From the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jim Salisbury.

Chase Utley was in town yesterday, and he brought the best catch he ever made with him – his new bride,

They met as undergrads at UCLA. Freddie Mitchell (above) introduced them.

Yes, that Freddie Mitchell.

“It was Valentine’s Day 2000,” Jennifer explained on the day her man passed his physical and officially signed a seven-year, $85 million contract with the Phillies.

Mitchell, Utley and Jennifer Cooper were all in the same social policy class. In addition to catching passes for the Bruins’ football team, Mitchell, who later became a receiver and cartoon character with the Eagles, played a little baseball with Utley at UCLA.

After class that day, Utley pointed to Cooper and said he’d like to meet her.

“Oh, I know her,” Mitchell said with his typical I-just-want-to-thank-my-hands-for-being-so-great modesty.

Mitchell made the introduction – then hit up Jennifer for a ride home. Before long, Utley had a date with Ms. Cooper, and he even managed to get a second one after calling her Jessica on their first night out.

Utley and Jess… um… Jennifer became Mr. and Mrs. two weekends ago near her native San Francisco. hat was the same weekend his new deal with the Phillies was ironed out.

In other matrimonial news, congratulations to Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, who somehow managed to meet a girl without Freddie Mitchell’s assistance, and marry her without any press hoopla. ‘Tis a shame the blessed event couldn’t have coincided with National Gorilla Suit Day.