“The Mets are causing fans to drink right now, so why not have some fun during broadcasts?” asks Amazin’ Avenue’s James K, originator of the
Gary, Keith & Ron Drinking Game
. The full post is well worth your time, but here’s a few of the highlights from a contest that should well have many Mets fans requiring liver transplants by the trade deadline.

One sip:

Keith uses the expression “second division” to describe teams like the Padres or Nationals
The delicious Citi Field food is brought up
Keith complains about the lack of aggressiveness by a first baseman
Keith calls an RBI a “ribeye steak”
Any reference to Gary and Ron’s Ivy League backgrounds

Two sips:

Keith uses the word “boner” to describe a defensive miscue
Gary reminisces about an obscure Mets game from the 1970’s
Ron discusses the latest movie releases (he was quite fond of “Pineapple Express” last summer)
Keith says “Metsies”

Three sips:

The announcers’ SAT scores are discussed
Gary describes a batted ball as having been “fisted”, e.g. “he fisted it to shortstop”
Keith says the word “bulge” in reference to attaining a lead in the division, e.g. “The Mets are in first place in the NL East, with a 3 game bulge over the Phillies”
Any reference to the classic college matchup between Yale (featuring Ron) and St. John’s (featuring Frank Viola) when Ron threw no-hit ball for 11 innings before losing 1-0

Drink a White Russian:

Anyone says the word “dude”