(photo by Michael O’Shaughnessy)

Noisey’s Fred Pessaro says of Columbus, OH’s Unholy Two, “imagine all of the nastiness encapsulated by Brainbombs and in releases by Amphetamine Reptile, and you’ ll get some idea of their confrontational and downright badass approach.” Not to contradict Fred’s considered views on the matter, but another, let’s say less decorated analyst observed, “whether they’re running roughshod over Dallas Cowboys fans in “Redskins” (note to Dan Snyder — you’ll find this song on Spotify over my dead body), chronicling the exploits of Timothy McVeigh, covering NON’s ‘Total War; or paying homage to the oratory skills of Virgil Riley Runnels Jr., Unholy Two combine a sound / worldview that isn’t for everyone. The best records of all-time rarely are.”