Several years back, Apple established .mac email addresses ; I obtained one pretty early on and as Apple has rolled out additional domains (eg. .me, .icloud) I’ve found myself with additional addresses I may or may not use. Pretty fucking boring, right? IF ONLY.

At least once every couple of days, various knuckleheads all over the world somehow conclude one or more of these addresses are THEIRS, and begin using them for everything ranging from cell phone billing to company correspondence to happy chit-chat with their grandkids. As a result, I am bombarded with all sorts of email that is not intended for my eyeballs. These messages run the gamut from invoices, medical test results, company contracts, let’s-break-up proposals, vacation snapshots, video footage of foals being born, and (you guessed) it, explicit personal photography from a rather varied spectrum of the population.

Just when I think the deluge is slowing down, I receive not one, but two consecutive Mistaken Identity Email Hall Of Fame entries on one Saturday morning. The above photograph is one of the least gory bits of evidence from what appears to be a rather serious van/car collision somewhere in Holland. And the following message seems to concern a landlord/tenant dispute that I am powerless to resolve :

“Dear Sir/Madam
I refer to my numerous complaints about rodent infestation at 540 Elizabeth Street, Redfern, and the migration of rodents into my house.

I add that I have not received one acknowledgement of any of my emails, despite Council’s response policy.

Further to those emails, I have now discovered a large almost 1 cm rodent faeces in my kitchen sink. A photo is attached.
While I understand that a person has taken legal possession of the above property and proposes to renovate it, that is no answer to immediate concerns about infestation.

I would like to know what Council proposes to do about the risk to my health and safety and property damage from apparent recurrent migration of rodents into my house.”