Over the summer, Jazz C Krylo Fesenko turned up for summer league games with the above hairstyle, prompting Utah head coach Jerry Sloan to remark, “he™s got to figure out what he wants to do…play basketball or be a clown.”   Based on the following note from the Salt Lake Tribune’s Ross Siler, Sloan sees no need to choose between being a hall of fame coach and a fashion critic.

Don’t ask how we got on the subject this morning at shootaround, but Kyrylo Fesenko’s decision to show up to the Rocky Mountain Revue with blond hair was revisited. As he did then, Sloan insisted Tuesday that he had no problem with Fesenko’s look.

“I told him exactly that,” Sloan said. “I said, ‘If you need attention, son, go get 20 rebounds. There’ll be people lined up to shake hands with you, that want to talk to you in the press, everything.’ I don’t know why it works that way.”