(yeah, I don’t remember it, either)

Trouble is, the show in question was Monday’s Angels / Astros game, which registered a 0.0 in a survey of Nielsen households in the Houston area.  “It probably didn’t help that the Angels jumped off to a 3-0 lead in the top of the first inning,” muses the Houston Chronicle’s David Barron, though Yahoo’s Mike Oz figures despite myriad poor circumstances (chiefly the poor reach of CSN Houston, currently unavailable on Dish, Direct TV or U-Verse), “0.0 is still troubling news…the last 0.0 came in September, when the team’s season was long over, and it was dwindling in a 15-game losing streak.”

We’re only a week into the 2014 MLB season. It’s the time of the year that every team still has a chance, even the Astros — a team that has lost 106, 107 and 111 games in the last three season. The team’s in a middle of a rebuild and because of that, there aren’t too many players with big names on the field.

 But, heck, it’s April. Baseball is still new. Even the perrenial losers haven’t sunk too far down in the standings yet. The Astros won their first two games of the season (against the New York Yankees!) so that was kind of exciting. Momentarily, at least. Houston is 3-5 now, tied for last in the AL West, but with a couple of wins they could be first place by the end of the week. Such is April baseball