Pat Neshak was a spectator during the Twins’ 7-1 defeat to the Yankees this afternoon, the disabled reliever probably giving Ron Gardenhire a wide berth after being chastised by his manager for tweeting too much information of the medical variety. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the AP’s Ron Blum :

“Had MRI, Went to Hand Specialist, found pain was coming from my palm and not my finger like 1st diagnosed,” Neshek said in a May 5 posting.

Gardenhire was not amused his player went public in cyberspace with a complaint against the Twins medical staff.

“My opinion of him tweeting that he was misdiagnosed? Was not very happy with him,” the manager said before Friday’s game against the New York Yankees. “I talked to him. We got it all straightened out.”

“Our doctors are here to help you and get you better, and they put in a lot effort and their time to do that, and they don’t deserve to be thrown underneath any kind of bus,” the manager recalled telling him. “If you have something to say, you should say it to me or to the doctors and not on Tweeter.”