In his new best-seller, ‘House Of Nails’, convicted felon Lenny Dykstra, in the words of the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir, “emerges a figure of enormous braggadocio who moves swiftly from roguish to Trumpian.” In the view of a recently stiffed social media guru, Nails is certainly Trumpian in another respect ; the New York Daily News’ Barbara Ross reports that Noah Scheinmann claims he was hired to ghostwrite Dykstra’s tweets and has yet to be paid.

Scheinmann worked 18 hour days from May 10 to June 4, writing Twitter feeds that attracted national media attention and got the steroided slugger several talk show gigs and an appearance at Live Nation, according to court papers.

The papers say Dykstra heaped praise on Scheinmann’s work, telling someone in an email that his friend of 10 years “has been the driving force behind building my brand and promoting the book via Twitter.”

Scheinmann says he is owed $15,000 for the Twitter and social work plus more than $76,000 for his share of other earnings Dykstra scored as a result of the media attention.