Never mind the Jets’ ownership. After the Pats’ 17-14 loss to Gang Green on Sunday, it’s the Boston Globe’s Belichick-baiter Ron Borges who is sporting the Woody Johnson.

Only minutes after Mangini’s Jets came into the Patriots’ home ground and both beat and baffled them, 17-14, the coaches met in the middle of the field for the traditional postgame handshake. Two months ago Belichick gave Mangini what in boxing would be called the “Tommy Hearns shake,” two fingers barely touching the other man’s palm before he recoiled as if the fellow’s hand was radioactive and disappeared. Eye contact? Not hardly.

This time Mangini was ready for it, though, just as he had his team ready for most everything Belichick’s Patriots tried.

As the two got within gripping distance, Mangini made his move before Belichick had time to react.

“I just grabbed Bill’s hand and his forearm and pulled him in and said ‘Great job!’ ” an elated Mangini said after his Jets found a way to make the AFC East a race once again. “He didn’t say anything. Just ‘Huh?’ “