Aside from Tyson Chandler (above) being carried off the floor, the most memorable moment of the Bulls’ Game 4 win over Miami yesterday occured during a late 2nd quarter timeout, one in which Heat coach Pat Riley couldn’t have been less conspicious.  From the Miami Herald’s Israel Guttierrez and Daniel Dorfman.

After a Dwyane Wade pass to Gary Payton resulted in a turnover, the two got into a heated shouting match on the way to their bench during a timeout, and it continued to the point where the two were separated by coach Pat Riley and again by forward Antoine Walker.

The disagreement seemed to be because of the way Wade was getting his message across to Payton.

As Payton walked to the Heat locker room at halftime, he was heard telling Shaquille O’Neal, ”He can’t talk to me like that,” then added, “I’ll let it go. I’ll let it go.”

Wade, meanwhile, wasn’t too accepting of Payton’s tone, either.

Payton initially deflected questions about the argument but eventually compared it to the initial sideline disagreements between former Philadelphia Eagles teammates Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

”That was just like Donovan McNabb and T.O.,” Payton said.