Sports agent Matt Sosnick‘s name has popped up on CSTB on a few prior occasions, usually with a negative reference to Jerry Crasnick’s fluffy “License To Deal”, the agent’s lame posturing in dumping dick-swinging Mets prospect Scott Schaefer, or his protracted feud with Marlins exec / Accujack enthusiast David Samson.

My low opinion of Sosnick (above, shown on the cover of Jewish SF) aside, he’s got my deepest sympathies if his version of events surrounding AL MVP candidate Josh Hamilton is correct. From It’s About The Money, Stupid :

IIATMS: Losing a client is undoubtedly difficult and I know that losing a big client on the cusp of a big contract is especially painful. How did your peers react? What about your clients?

MS :   I like Josh Hamilton and I wish him nothing but the best. But once you use the Christian- or God-card, it™s impossible to take that back. In the days prior, Josh and his wife were very complimentary of us. They were very happy with the work we were doing for them. We were supposed to fly out and meet with them a few days later, but the next day, we were notified that we were fired.

On June 2,’s Jon Heyman reported Hamilton had dumped Sosnick in favor of agent Michael Moye because “he wanted to be with a Christian stable.” Aside from sounding like something Lex Luger might’ve said at one time, it’s a heck of a way to exact revenge just ’cause Hamilton can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetary.