@coachscornerCBC, July 13, 2016

Though The Tenors’ ill-advised revision of “O’Canada” was easily the most memorable Canadian contribution to the Midsummer Classic since Larry Walker wore a batting helmet backwards vs. Randy Johnson, the incident does raise the following questions, however :

1) if the “all lives matter” guy did indeed, go rogue, is this a common occurrence in the vocal quartet community? What percentage of these seemingly innocuous foursomes are harboring racists, conspiracy theorists, men’s rights activists, anti-vaccine zealots just waiting for the right moment in the middle of a supermarket opening/ribbon cutting ceremony to sneak in their political agenda(s)?

2) if Remigio Pereira has indeed been given the boot, that means The Tenors are now the 3 Tenors. Since they can’t possibly call themselves that, might I suggest THE APOLITICAL TENOR GUYS.

(UPDATE : In a two minute and 30 second monologue, Pereria insists no disrespect was intended towards Black Lives Matter, claiming his message is one of anti-segregation — “who can be higher than God?” — “and that is why everyone’s life matters.” I’m still waiting for his apology to Don Cherry, however.)