Deadspin reported this morning that Mets P Jonathan Niese recently had a nose job, with former teammate Carlos Beltran offering to foot the bill. Said rhinoplasty saga recalls another higlight in off-season medical procedures, namely former Yankee OF Danny Tartabull going under the knife in ’93. From the New York Times and Murray Chass, “BASEBALL: NOTEBOOK; Bonuses for Adding Games and Losing Weight”, Nov. 14, 1993 :

The Yankees are incensed that Tartabull, whose shoulder injury made him solely a designated hitter for most of the past season, postponed surgery on the shoulder, had cosmetic surgery, then went off to Europe on vacation.

Dennis Gilbert, the agent who two years ago induced the Yankees to give his client a five-year, $25.5 million contract, said much has been made about nothing. He refused to discuss the cosmetic surgery or even confirm that Tartabull had it — “That’s personal and nobody’s business,” he said — but he said the Tartabulls had planned, and paid for, the European trip long ago.

“It’s my understanding that Dr. Jobe said his rehabilitation time would be about a month,” Gilbert said, referring to Dr. Frank Jobe, the Los Angeles orthopedist who will do the operation. “Danny had plans since April to take a vacation. If it was something that would jeopardize Danny’s playing the outfield during the season, Danny would’ve canceled or delayed his trip. But I think Dr. Jobe will shed some light on this thing.”

Dr. Jobe, however, was not available to do any shedding. A secretary in his office said he was in Hawaii and she did not know where he could be reached.