For Mets fans, the real Peter Gammons (and not the one blogging away at BBTN’s Yard Work) made the helpful prediction that RF Victor Diaz would be a .300 hitter for the duration of the season. Well, yeah, if he’s hit by a truck tomorrow.

(on the same broadcast, SS Jose Reyes was cited as one of April’s statistical freaks ; 0 BB in 96 at bats. Ouch. )

For Yankee rooters, Kevin Brown (above) had something aproaching a quality start this evening againt the Angels. Certainly, John Lackey’s performance was of a much higher quality, but I’m trying to sound encouraging.

Our thoughts go out to Tony Gwynn, who learned this week much the way Free Expression Pioneer Maggie Gyllenhaal did, there is a price to be paid for speaking one’s mind in the tough town called America.