Wow. Nothing like an MIA Pau Gasol to make Eddy Curry seem so unstoppable on both ends of the floor. EC’s got 25 points and 14 rebounds so far tonight, as the Knicks are well en route to winning their 2nd game of the year against Memphis. New York is up, 91-79, with 5:21 left, and David Lee (above) has been equally impressive (20 points on 9 of 10 shooting, 10 boards).

Tonight’s display aside, Newsday’s Alan Hahn has a bone or 3 to pick with Curry.

How many times has he collided with his own teammate while œshowing on pick-and-roll help defense? You can see the guards™ frustration when they avoid the pick but then slam into Curry™s big body and lose their man. Or how many times has Curry kept his feet nailed to the floor when a guard drives the lane? A token wave of the hand does nothing. I™d love to see him hammer a guy and glare at him as if to say, œDon™t bring that garbage in here. And if you do, I have five fouls to offer and my boys Jerome and Kelvin have 12 fouls each to spare.

I like the sentiment, but Eddy would be technically correct if he said “my boy Jerome has 12 cruellers and you can’t have any of them.”

Chicago is blowing out Boston tonight (62-39, 9:21 left in the 3rd quarter), and Andres Noconi is putting on a clinic against the Celtics. Unfortunately, it’s a clinic in how to look like Martin Donovan after a night on the rack.

Behind 38 points from Agent Zero and 11 rebounds from the poetic Etan Thomas, Washington ended Dallas’ 12 game winning streak with a 106-97 victory at the Verizon Center. In a related note, Wizznutzz has the scoop on what might be the greatest video game insipired film since Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo and former Sonic Youth drummer Richard Edson rocked the big screen in “Super Mario Brothers” (thought it probably won’t be nearly as good as “Tron”).

The Nets are one quality big man away from being genuinely scary in the genuinely sucky Atlantic Division. But they’ll settle for Jamaal Magliore.

Seth, I’m happy to do my part to help the underdogs at the Little Blogging Corporation That Could, but with so many references to bleeding, you might get some jackass suggesting you’ve had the painters in.