Though Tom Brady announced via his website last week that he’d undergone a recent arthoscopic procedure on his left knee, the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian reports the N.E. QB has gone under the knife a further 2 times in the past week.

The fear is the patellar tendon graft used to replace Brady™s anterior cruciate ligament is in danger of becoming compromised. Should that occur, the entire ACL reconstruction would have to be removed and redone from scratch.

That would push back his rehab and recovery period, which in turn, could delay his return to the field.delay his return to the field.

Brady had the initial surgery performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Oct. 6 at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles, where he is still being seen for the follow-up procedures.

The QB wrote on that œthe infection is very treatable and, through a course of antibiotics, it will be knocked out of my system. Brady referred to the second procedure as being œproactive, on the part of the doctors, and that the results have been positive.

However, with the additional procedures performed to flush out and irrigate the joint, and continued biopsies taken, either there are still signs of infection or his doctor is being overly cautious with the reigning NFL MVP.

Guregian states in the above video clip there’s some frustration in Foxboro over Brady’s insistence on having his own doctors perform these procedures, though you can sort of understand either side’s perspective.  The team has a lot riding on Brady’s eventual recovery. The All-Universe QB, however, might not want to entrust his medical treatment to the same folks who supervised Ted Johnson’s trip to palookaville.