To mangle a point raised by My Teams Are Cursed, what would you say if you tuned into a Yankee game and instead of the dulcet tones of John Sterling, instead heard Tigers legend Ernie Harwell?  Aside, from “thank god”?

Well, that’s kind of what happened during last night’s telecast of the Pistons’ home win over Indy. MSG fixture Gus Johnson worked the game, filling in for Pistons mouthpiece George Blaha who was occupied covering Michigan State’s loss in the Champs Sports Bowl to Boston College.

Apparently, this was some sort of dream come true for Detroit native Johnson, and I’m surprised Knicks ownership allowed it (assuming they knew). But I’m also certain that double standards make for an unhappy workforce, so I look forward to Jamal Crawford being granted permission to suit up for the team of his choice on his day off.  Likewise if other Garden employees wanna try their hands at moonlighting (Steve Mills might make a terrific department store manager.  Surely there’s a newspaper or website that will give Jerome James a shot as their restaurant critic?), hopefully they’ll be given the same opportunities.  And if some of ’em are having too much fun to come back, all the better. (links courtesy Awful Announcing)