Other than my faith in our education system, I have no reason to believe the following message, received late yesterday evening, is not on the level.

Harold is a personal friend of mine (like my little brother) so I know his side of the story which will soon come out at his attorney™s discretion. Not only am I personal friend of Harold, I am a professional fact-finding investigator in discrimination cases, including sexual harassment cases.

Under the law, nothing that Harold did fits under the definition of sexual harassment. According to the law; œAny unwanted (unwelcome) words, touching, gestures or action of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment. In order to have a case of sexual harassment the allege victim must tell the person initiating the actions or gesture that their actions and gesture is unwelcome and unwanted. If the person ignore the victims warning and persist with the behavior, that constitute sexual harassment. This never happened in the case of Harold Reynolds and ESPN™s Human Resource manager should be fired for not knowing the law and the definition of sexual harasssment.

Unwanted sexual advances are determined by the allege victim. To one woman, a hand shake can be considered sexual harassment. To another a mere look could be considered sexual harassment and to another a friendly hug can be sexual harassment.

What is unusual about the ESPN case against Harold Reynolds is that none of the white victims have been identified. In contrast, in the case of the allege black victim vs Duke University, not only was the so called black victim identified, but all of her family members and ex-boyfriends were also identified.

What about the allege hug. I believe Harold hugged the girl, because he hugs everyone. I was at the hospital when he hugged a little boy who was dying of cancer and was his last dying wish to see Harold. Not only did Harold hug the little (in his isolation tent), he knelt down besides the bed and prayed for the little boy while the boy™s cried.

I was there when he hugged a homeless bum who said he was Harold™s fan. Not only did Harold hug the man, he invited the man and his homeless friends to be his guest at the next game (in his box seats) and instructed me to take care of the tickets, food and all the arangements.

I was there when he hugged the man that sell the peanuts at the game. The man was a guest at Harold™s home for a family barbeque. Harold always invite people to his home, against my advice.

I seen him hug a little Asian girl that was part of Major League Baseball commerical.

I seen him hug (male) the head of an inner-city Little League that needed uniforms for all 13 team in the league. The hug came after he had purchased uniforms and equipment for all 13 teams.

I seen him hug his team mates, church members friends and people whom he has met for the first time (men, women, and children).

Keep Harold in your thoughts and prayers


Harold™s Friend