The Wall Street Journal’s David Cameron points out you’d have to go back to Bump Hadley and Game 4 of the 1937 World Series to pick the last time the Yankees sent a starter to the mound in the postseason with an ERA higher than A.J. Burnett’s 2010 mark of 5.26.  Still, the morning after Cliff Lee’s otherworldly mastery of Bronx Bummers, the New York Daily News’ John Harper insists Joe Girardi has no other choice than  the underachieving Pie Man.

The Yankees aren’t about to start Phil Hughes on three days’ rest, so even if CC Sabathia were to pitch Tuesday night on short rest, it still would leave Joe Girardi with no other option but Burnett in Game 5.

And if you’re looking for a miracle from Burnett, well, yanking someone so emotionally fragile at the last minute would only be asking for further disaster. In addition, the absolute last thing you want is him being asked to save the season if the Yankees are down 3-1 to the Rangers in the series.

Even if Burnett puts the Yankees in a 3-1 hole Tuesday, I’d rather take my chances with Sabathia, Hughes and Andy Pettitte coming back, all of them on regular rest for the first time in this postseason.

it’s time for Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, among others, to make Game 4 about them, not so much about who’s pitching for them. Score early and often and who knows, maybe Burnett will respond with some toughness for a change.

At this point, there’s really no other option.