While the Bergen Record’s Al Iannazzone floats the possibility of the Nets’ Jason Kidd returning to Dallas in exchange for Devean George, DeSagana Diop and perhaps Jerry Stackhouse, the Dallas Morning News’ Eddie Sefko reports the Mavs’ Devin Harris will miss 2-3 weeks with a bone bruise to the point guard’s left ankle. All of which provides us with a rather clumsy segue into the following observation from You Go Live In Utah‘s Amanda :

Thanks to Wikipedia, I have just learned that Devin Harris was brought to Dallas to train as a junior point guard under the tutelage of Steve Nash. How rad would that have been? They could have become a Point Guard Dream Team and there would be a made-for-ESPN movie about their professional relationship. There would be a montage of shots of Steve Nash standing behind Devin Harris helping him on his swing and follow through on the driving range. There would be footage of Devin Harris catching flies with chopsticks while a wise Steve Nash sits cross-legged in the corner on a straw mat. There might even be an emotional scene towards the end where Steve Nash is traded and Devin Harris stands outside Steve Nash’s house in the rain with a boombox blasting Chicago’s “You’re the Insperation” and crying.

I can’t think of anyone who would deny David Lee the right to earn some endorsement dough. Particularly if there’s someone dopey enough to give it to him.