(the scene at Scruffy Murphy’s. Not shown : somone whipping it out)

From the Waco Tribune’s Tim Woods :

Baylor University assistant football coach Eric Schnupp, who was cited early Sunday for urinating on a local bar, has been suspended indefinitely.

œWe™ve suspended him indefinitely until this situation is resolved and that™s about all I have to say at this point in time, said Morriss.

Schnupp, 30, was cited for disorderly conduct-reckless exposure by Waco police after he allegedly urinated on the bar at Scruffy Murphy™s, 1226 Speight Ave., in Waco about 2 a.m. Sunday.

The alleged incident happened around closing time, as employees were getting patrons out of the bar, said bartender Danny Severe, who was working at the time.

Severe said an employee witnessed Schnupp urinating on the bar, and a manager told police, who were already at the bar for an unrelated matter.

œWhile we were kicking everybody out, he apparently thought that nobody was looking and whipped it out and (urinated) on the bar, Severe said. œHe tried to deny it, but there was definitely a puddle and there was no one else around him.

Schnupp coaches Baylor™s offensive line and tight ends and is in his first year at the school after spending three years coaching at West Texas A&M University. He played collegiate football at the University of Miami from 1995-2000.

The alleged incident occurred hours after Baylor was defeated 58-10 in Lawrence, Kan., by the Kansas Jayhawks.

It was has to be the disclaimer of the year, Woods’ editors added, “Staff writer Tim Woods works part-time at Scruffy Murphy™s but was not present during the incident.”