What would possess a successful businessman worth millions to toil as a head coach in a fledgling professional football league? If you’re former Dartmouth defensive coordinator / current TD-Ameritrade chairman Joe Moglio, it’s a combination of civic pride, a dream deferred….and the chance to rub shoulders with Maurice Clarett. USA Today’s Sean Leahy explains the moves behind keeping Moglio in his Omaha hometown ;

Moglio previously signed on with the UFL to be the head coach of its expansion team in Hampton Roads, Va., but the league moved him there after the dismissal of Nighthawks head coach Jeff Jagodzinski earlier this month.

“We became aware of a fan grassroots campaign to keep a very successful businessman who they feel is a great asset to the Omaha community in their city, which gathered pace and influenced our decision-making,” UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue said.

Moglia has served as an executive advisor to University of Nebraska coach Bo Pellini the past two seasons.

The notion of hiring a wildly successful local businessman to lead a professional franchise is a novel enough, but who amongst us wouldn’t like to see Bell Environmental CEO Roscoe The Bedbug Dog become head coach of the J-E-R-K-S when Rex Ryan finally wears out his welcome?