[Has the media put Levi Johnston’s “huge potential” at risk?]

Apparently, the media jumped on the Wasilla Warriors web site last week and it has been shut down.  Longtime readers of CSTB know the determination of the Alaskan High School Hockey Desk to bring you hockey news as it breaks.  It’s our stated opinion that those with political motives, out to make lewd jokes, or ridicule Gov. Palin have spoiled this year’s hockey season for every one else. This notice greeted yours truly at the door:

(posted 9/3/08)

Its probably too little too late but I have temporarily removed links to all roster information and photos.  I wish that I had known how to do this four days ago, maybe it would have saved some heartache.  I am sorry for any photos or information that slipped out to the media before I locked up this information.

Once the media tires of Wasilla, I will return the website to its fullest and we can all move forward with the new season.