It only seems fair that as long as CSTB remains committed to tracking Phil Mushnick’s constant inaccuracies and pathlogical (if not Leitchian) inability to fully disclose where his own self-interests intersect with his chosen subjects, that some consideration should be given to one of the rare occasions when Phil is Not Full Of Shit For A Living.

ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd (above) riffed last week that Eric Mangini, at 35, is too young to be an NFL head coach (Mangini celebrates his 35th birthday on Thursday). Cowherd reasoned that there’s even a prescribed minimum age of eligibility for becoming president of the United States. He’s right. It’s 35.

Cowherd, I’m sorry to say, also “riffed” that Nirvana invented “grunge”. His logic being that although Kurt Cobain and his not-so-merry men might not have been the first band to be marked with that nebulous label, they were largely responsible for bringing the supposed-style to the mainstream, much the way that “Ray Kroc invented the hamburger”. This, I believe, was intended as a compliment. Though Colin has in the past qualified his boner for the Widow Cobain by saying “I wouldn’t want to marry her,” it must be comforting for all Sirius shareholders to know that Disney’s dopiest employee is doing his very best every morning to help their investment.