Brewers 6, Mets 4

(blowing a save two nights in a row can take a lot out of a guy)

Perhaps 40 year old Roberto Hernandez, a day removed from an ineffective 39 pitch outing in Monday’s comeback win over Milwaukee, was tired. Maybe the same could be said of 30 year old Braden Looper, who also pitched two innings on Monday.

The very well rested Mr. Koo, should be ready to go Thursday afternoon. Go for coffee, that is.

Either way, it is hard not to reflect on the Mets’ inability to improve the bullpen, either via a trade for Danys Baez, or perhaps the kidnapping of Eddie Guardado.

Pedro Martinez, removed after 7 innings, as quoted by Newsday’s David Lennon:

“I don’t make decisions,” Martinez said. “I pitch. I pitch when they give me the ball, I empty my tank, and I get out of there.”

Asked if his tank was truly empty, Martinez said: “I have no idea. I could have gone out there and pitched the last two innings in probably 10 pitches. That’s how I do it sometimes. Sometimes it takes three, four pitches to get one inning in. The way they were swinging, I wouldn’t be surprised.

“But I will never — and I want to repeat this — I will never argue with the manager’s decision, regardless of whatever it is. I’m just here to pitch, do what I’m told and do what I’m paid to.”

For those grasping at straws, 1B Doug Mientkiewicz is on an 8 for 12 tear. Of course, tomorrow being the day game after a night, it’ll be time for Jose Offerman to start. After all, Mientkiewicz is 31 years old.

Ruminates David Roth,

Except for an uncommonly coherent performance by Ralph Kiner — highlighted by a correct deployment of the word “saturation” and a good question about why balls carry in the 138% humidity Queens air — this one was really maddening. I guess pretty much used every bullpen arm this side of Felix Heredia got used yesterday night, but the outcome just seemed so predictable once a weary n’ sweaty Hernandez came on. Carlos Lee has quietly become a supremely scary hitter this year, and I’d probably rank him on the inevitability scale somewhere just below Derrek Lee and ahead of Manny right now. About Looper, the less said the better. Poor guy’s thrown 70 pitches over the last two days, though, so maybe this would’ve been a good time to get creative. I heard from a co-worker (seriously) that Johnny Franco’s hanging out at delis in Staten Island trying to get recognized. Maybe he knows someone who can get guys out.

I dunno, I heard Rich Gossage on the radio yesterday talking tough about how easy today’s relievers have it. The Goose wouldn’t be any worse than letting Scott Erickson or James Baldwin have a roster spot.