After Wednesday’s heated exchanges between Charles Oakley and TNT anylyst Charles Barkley, the former spoke with Daily News hoops columnist-turned Sirius XM host Frank Isola and continued to unload (“everybody that I know who played with him, they said he was the worst guy in the world to play with…he’s just trying to be on TV, trying to be Mr. Basketball. And his I.Q. is not that high for basketball.”) Who knew the shy, reticent former Knicks enforcer had such strong opinions? Transcription courtesy the New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy :

“It ain’t about fighting. He just talks too much at the wrong time,” Oakley told Isola. “Like a spoiled kid. He’s from Alabama, he should have more home training, you know? He’s one of those kids who say he’s from the south side of Chicago but he got a ride to school every day. He ain’t walking down the block. He got dropped off, the principal brought him back home.”

“He can’t say nothing about Cleveland as long as I’m from Cleveland, that’s the mistake. He shouldn’t even let somebody else talk about Cleveland,” Oakley said. “He’s been in Cleveland, he got away with one thing, he ain’t getting away with two things. My grandfather always told me, ‘You have to tell somebody something twice? No, you tell them once. They don’t get it? Next time, I’m sending a message.’ So he got the message. Nothing over the top. But, I mean, come on. Pick on somebody else. Pick on another city. You ain’t gonna talk about Compton. … If he comes to Cleveland somebody’s going to throw something at him. They can’t miss that big head.”