I’ll not bother quoting Jon Heyman’s latest Newsday column at length — suffice to say he’s got his favorite targets in both the Bronx and Flushing, and they get the expected treatment. But here’s what Heyman had to say about Pedro Martinez, supposedly scheduled to start Sunday afternoon’s tilt against Carl Pavano.

At least Pedro Martinez still leads his league in strikeouts, even after that last outing in which he was reduced to throwing 83-mph fastballs (yes, that was the actual reading on Mark Grudzielanek’s monster home run).

The hip injury that reduced Pedro to prep-school levels is a worry. But Martinez still has a lot in that unique arsenal of his, including his otherworldly changeup and curveball and that good-luck bright orange suit of his.

Heyman has been in a constant loop on “Sportscenter” since late last night, suggesting that Pedro’s injury is far worse than the Mets are admitting.