From Newsday’s Jon Heyman :

Bengie Molina’s rep gets the honor for most lame agenting. But you’d have to say Royce Clayton’s new rep, Kenny Felder, is certainly in the running. Clayton rejected hometown Arizona’s November offer to stay and start for $1-million-plus, instead signing a non-guaranteed minor-league deal with Washington, where GM Jim Bowden already has said Cristian Guzman is the likely starter.

In the small world dept., coincidentally Felder works at the former agency of Jeff Moorad, who now runs the Diamondbacks.

Jeff Weaver’s off-field rep must be hurting him. But the Angels, who also have brother Jered, could become interested.

Halo’s Heaven, in a widely linked report, is claiming the elder Weaver-to-Anaheim is a done deal.

There’s a Reuters report stating the International Olympic Committe has no plans to discuss softball or baseball returning as Olympic sports in 2012. I guess making Tommy Lasorda the WBC’s Goodwill Ambassador is working wonders in promoting baseball around the globe.