Solid stuff from Jon Heyman in Sunday morning’s Newsday on Omar Minaya’s reluctance to deal for Sammy Sosa, and the continuing adventures of fledgling super-agent, David Sloane.

Just when I thought I’d received the last of too many e-mailed rantings from David Sloane, the publicity-infatuated agent for Carlos Delgado, he checked in with a response to Wednesday’s column, in which it was pointed out that he’s “a menace.”

Sloane responded: “Tomorrow, your column will line a bird cage. The work I did for my client lives on. Nice knowing you.”

It’s true that Delgado looks thrilled to be in Florida rather than New York. But how long will he stay there? The failure to get a no-trade clause means he could be dealt anywhere after a year, and will likely be dealt somewhere so he can DH eventually.

Sloane told the Mets that one thing Delgado absolutely needed was stability. So he signed with Florida, which could move any year now, and he got no protection against a trade. Nice stability.