Along with floating the not-so-farfetched possibility of the A’s trading Barry Zito to Boston or either or the New York clubs, Newsday’s Jon Heyman wonders why a certain Little Mustache is under so much less scrutiny than the Sultan Of Surly.

Barry Bonds hasn’t been indicted yet, but my legal sources tell me that if Bonds is convicted of perjury, he’s likely to receive about the same 10-month sentence Martha Stewart got. While sentencing guidelines have been loosened since Stewart’s case to allow for a touch more judicial leniency, that’s still the recommended sentence: five and five (five months imprisonment, five months house arrest).

If you think Bonds is dominant at the big-league level, can you just imagine how popular he’d be in jail-yard choose-up games?

Although, clean-up duty might take on a new meaning.

Just wondering: Any reason the grand jury would be weighing the case against Bonds but not against Gary Sheffield, who reportedly tried the same ploy of claiming he didn’t “knowingly” take steroids, a claim that also blows up in the bombshell book “Game of Shadows?”