…and now you can add to that list, the Celtics’ Glenn Davis, whose YouToob clip from Friday’s game against Portland has now been viewed more times than the Puppy Cam and the R. Budd Dwyer video combined. The New York Post’s Peter Vecsey considers the incident, along with offering his typical summation of Golden State opponents averaging more then 118 ppg in the Warriors’ 8 consecutive losses (“there hasn’t been a defense this useless since the judicial system began protecting abused women with restraining orders”).

Not until Kevin Garnett’s late-game roasting of Glen Davis did I know how Big Baby earned his nickname. Never before have I seen a professional player cry in his high chair and throw his bib on the floor. Of course, had Garnett taken his counseling to that extreme as a member of the Pacers, coach Jim O’Brien would’ve banished his leader (see last season’s Jamaal Tinsley-Danny Granger incident) to the locker room and suspended him for a game.