Admittedly, the above headline is awfully clumsy, and Maura Johnston’s suggestion of “US Government Intervenes On Behalf Of Mets Fans” scans better.

From the Journal News’ John Delcos.

Chan Ho Park was scratched from today’s start against the St. Louis Cardinals because his work visa hasn’t arrived.

A work visa is team specific, as the team is the player’s employer and Park didn’t sign his contract until just before camp started.

“I hope it comes shortly,” Park said. “They are working on it. It has taken longer.”

If there’s any consolation for Park, Homeland Security has been just as hardcore in their attempts to stop Jesu from touring the U.S. behind their spectacular new ‘Conqueror’ CD/LP (Hydra Head). And Jesu have had a much better last few years than Chan Ho Park.