From the May 15 Columbus Dispatch and Ann Fisher (link swiped from Boing Boing)

Westerville police have asked the city’s 21 banks and credit unions to post window signs that direct customers to put away cell phones and remove sunglasses, hoods and hats.

The idea is to weed out those who want to conceal their identities from security cameras to rob the bank or credit union.

No one had to convince Suzanne McCann of CME Federal Credit Union.

“I was involved in one of the last robberies that we had, and the robber had on a hat and sunglasses,” said McCann, vice president of sales and operations for the credit union and its five Franklin County branches.

CME embraced a similar policy on its own more than a year ago and every branch office complied, including the Westerville operation at 428 State St.

Employees fielded comments from some disgruntled credit-union members, she said, including a few who were trying to conceal “a bad hair day.”

“But, realistically if it’s for your safety and ours, you’re going to do it,” McCann said.

I realize we live in dangerous times, but perhaps there’s an individual who just likes to dress comfortably while obtaining a money order to purchase Bon Jovi tickets for himself and a consenting female adult?