Hey, not every Mavericks fan is given to hysteria and/or race baiting when it comes to Josh Howard’s remarks about “The Star Spangled Banner”.  You Go Live In Utah’s Amanda Cobra provides one of the more reasoned takes on the matter :

It was stupid, that’s for sure. But I guess the reason I can’t get too worked up about it is because it’s not the incendiary statement of a Huey P. Newton trying to tear the fabric of a nation apart. It’s Urkel. It’s Urkel talking into a camera phone at a flag football game. I kind of wish the follow up press release was a heartfelt “Diiiiiiid I doooooooooo thaaaaaaaat?” though no one ever asks me to write their mea culpa press releases anymore. His statement, though I guess I should be deeply offended as an Amuuuuurican, reminded me of when my skateboarding boyfriend in 8th grade would draw the flag upside down on his backpack or write something about BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU on his Government textbook. I am just surprised Josh didn’t follow it up by kindly explaining to the camera that all barcodes add up to 666.

I will be horribly offended if Josh Howard chokes in the second half like he tended to do last season. Because, in his words, “I don’t believe in that shit.”