As Manny Pacquiao continues to capture titles in weight classes that haven’t even been invented yet, Bernard Hoplins tells Fanhouse’s Len Satterfield that Pacquiao’s achievements are somewhat diminished by ducking an entire race.

“Maybe I’m biased because I’m black, but I think that this is what is said at people’s homes and around the dinner table among black boxing fans and fighters. Most of them won’t say it [in public] because they’re not being real and they don’t have the balls to say it,” said Hopkins, a 45-year-old future Hall of Famer and a multi-division champion.

“But I do think that a fighter like the Ray Leonards or anyone like that would beat a guy [like Pacquiao] if they come with their game,” said Hopkins (51-5-1, 32 knockouts), who will challenge WBC light heavyweight king Jean Pascal (26-1, 16 KOs) on Dec. 18 on Showtime.

“Listen, this ain’t a racial thing, but then again, maybe it is,” said Hopkins. “But the style that is embedded in most of us black fighters, that style could be a problem to any other style of fighting.”

Presumably, Hopkins is referring to Floyd Mayweather, who as we all know, is quite eager to battle Manny just as soon as the Congressman from the Philippines to accept 5% of the purse while fighting in handcuffs.  And a dress.  Until such a match can be made, however, there’s no better way for Pacquiao to silence such criticism than by scheduling a bout against Ray Leonard (age 54).