Texans QB David Carr (above, right) has a lot of competitive pride for a guy who spends a good chunk of his Sunday afternoons flat on his back.

From the Houston Chronicle’s Megan Manfull :

After the Texans blew a lead to the Jacksonville Jaguars and lost 21-14 on Sunday at Alltell Stadium, defensive end Gary Walker and quarterback David Carr had a squabble as they were heading to the locker room.

The two were separated by Texans vice president of communications Tony Wyllie. They downplayed the dispute to the media moments later.

“I knew you guys were going to make a bigger thing out of it than it is,” Walker said. “I’ll get with David. We’ll take care of it. It’s not a big deal.”

Neither Carr nor Walker would discuss what was said in the exchange. Carr just reiterated Walker’s comments. He said players were simply frustrated after the Texans blew a 14-7 lead going into the fourth quarter, despite having opportunities on offense and defense to win the game.