Young Scotty Weiland of Hollywood, CA wants to know how he can avoid unwarranted internet attacks,bullying and embarrassing flame-wars. Today’s NY Daily News has some excellent hints.

1.If you are being harassed online, walk away from the computer, block the sender and tell a responsible adult.

2. Think B4U click. Cyberbullying can begin by accident. Reread what you’ve written before you send it. Does it say what you mean? Will you regret sending it? Think about how others will react BEFORE you hit the send button.

3. Take five. If you receive an angry E-mail or IM, take a five-minute break before responding. Think before you react.

4. Don’t give your passwords or other personal information to anyone. The person who is your friend today could be your enemy tomorrow.

5. Google yourself. Make sure no one has posted anything objectionable about you on the Web.