Late last night, the ever erudite Matt Horsehit reduced his fellow revelers to silence when offering the observation, “I’m really getting into that new Blind Melon album”. After witnessing this fantastic attempt at killing the party vibe, I wondered, what else could someone utter in a social gathering that would suck the air out of a room?

How about that Mets bullpen?”

“Man, some of that child pornography from the former Soviet Union is getting really violent!”

“The usual, Mr. Sizemore?”

By all means, give this one your best shot. In the meantime, a couple of tickets remain for tonight’s CSTB 5th Anniversary party in Section 19 of Shea Stadium’s upper deck. If you’re a Mets fan, a Cubs fan or perhaps have always wanted to spend 3 1/2 hours sitting near me (but not very near, mind you. those seats are already reserved for my security detail), this is your big chance (

And who knows? Much the way Reggie Jackson visited Yankee Stadium’s bleachers for the first time on Saturday, perhaps a former Mets great will grace us with his presence later this evening.  And if Jeff Innis needs to take the service elevator, who am I to begrudge him the VIP treatment?