Boris Said, veteran road racer trying his hand at NASCAR, might have given us an idea. In an Associated Press feature (via Yahoo!), Said takes us into the (very small) brain of these folks:

Said illustrated his point with a story about qualifying last August at Indianapolis.

“I was on the bubble for a little while and it came down to the last guy, who was faster than me in practice,” Said noted. “I’ll relate the feeling to two movies. One is `My Dog Skip,’ where everybody is crying and sad and the old dog is dying. That’s how we were in the trailer. It looked like our best friend had died.

“Then, the minute we made the show, 15 seconds later, it turned into `Brokeback Mountain,’ with guys slapping each other on the butts and hugging and kissing each other and telling them we loved each other. It was such an emotional swing that day. It’s just really hard to go through it.”

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