Nate Little writes, “a former Cablevision employee, former Knicks fan, and one who believes recorded music is for the talented, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the sheer poetry therein.”  Nate’s not referring to the astonishing promotional clip above (if everyone has their price, presumably Nic Harcourt’s is sufficiently high), but rather the work of the New York Times’ Howard Beck, who upon receiving an advance copy of the new JD & The Straight Shot epic ‘Right On On Time’, has employed “Stephen Colbert™s time-tested interview method, and spliced our questions with out-of-context quotes from Dolan™s new album.” Here’s a portion :

Q. Knicks fans  blame you for letting their team founder. Do you think Donnie Walsh and Mike D™Antoni can turn it around?

A. œIt™s a circus game with you and me. I™m up on the tight rope, one side™s hate and one is hope.

Q. As you™re aware, D™Antoni recently asked Marbury to play when the roster was depleted, and Marbury apparently declined. But Marbury insists that he never refused to play.

A. œIf you can™t lie no better than that, you might as well tell the truth.

Q. You spent tens of millions of dollars to get rid of Larry Brown, Lenny Wilkens, Jalen Rose, Maurice Taylor, Isiah Thomas and many others. It must have been quite stressful.

A. œSometimes I sang away the sorrow. Sometimes I take it like a man.

Q. By the way, I must applaud your decision to let Donnie Walsh change the franchise™s oppressive media policies. Honestly, covering your team has sometimes been a headache.

A. œWho told you life would be easy? Who said you would smile every day?

Q. Dude, lighten up.

A. œYou pour the bottles, you light the smokes, I™ll tell my stories and you tell the jokes.

Q. I™m trying, but I™m not used to this format. Anyway, back to Marbury. The team has banned him from games and practices, but the players union might challenge the decision. What happens if he shows up?

A. œWell, I might run him over with my brother™s car, or bring a hungry pit bull home just for an hour.