Former Mets starter Steve Trachsel, currently in Orioles camp, as interviewed in Monday’s Journal News by John Delcos.

When the subject of Game 3 of the NL Championship Series in St. Louis and his departure from the Mets was broached, Trachsel responded with a curt, œI know what happened.

And that is?

œNothing I want to talk to you guys about, was his brushback pitch of an answer.

What really happened that day in St. Louis? Why didn™t the team try to bring back his production? How much did Trachsel leaving the team to attend to personal matters before the playoffs factor in this?

œI know what happened, Trachsel said in a tone that did not mask his resentment.

œI™m just not going to say.

As it got closer to spring training, was it frustrating for him to be sitting around and waiting for a call?
Trachsel did not appreciate the question.

œI wasn™t sitting around and I wasn™t waiting, said Trachsel, who was prepared for retirement when the Orioles called.

œThree weeks ago, I was ready to stay home and play with the kids. I wasn™t ready (to retire), but I was prepared.