(isn’t the above clip of the late Jimmy Castor a better use of space than say, a jpeg of Hunter Pence casting a grim view at the SF Giants’ clubhouse spread?)

“If you happen to randomly bump into Hunter Pence reading labels in the aisle of a Whole Foods in Chicago this weekend, don’t be surprised,” writes CSNBayArea’s Andrew Baggerly. Not simply because Pence is one of the nation’s 1% economically secure enough to patronize Whole Foods regularly, but also due to the Giants outfielder recently embracing the paleo diet.

The basic premise: Only eat foods that were available when the greatest artists in France were experimenting with the charcoal-and-cave wall motif. That includes fish, grass-fed meats, fruits, vegetables, roots and nuts. No grains, dairy, refined sugar or processed food. And no processed oil.

“I have to buy a certain kind and I put it on kale,” Pence said. “And I eat it.”

“I don’t know how you can eat that stuff,” Brandon Belt sneerd from an adjacent locker. “I don’t go too much into vegetables.”

Pence was introduced to the diet by his brother, and after just a few days, he began feeling less sluggish.

“This time of year, I know when I wake up it usually takes me a little while to get going,” Pence said. “Now I’m waking up and feeling pretty good.”

A keen student of nutrition and human history, Bob Brenley was read the above story during today’s Giants/Cubs tilt and wondered, “did the caveman have bourbon?”. Surely a broadcaster who learned at the feet of Dr. Jacob Bronowski could answer that question for himself?