Seahawks 42, Giants 3 (start of the 4th quarter)

I’m curious, can the referees assess penalties to the Giants during halftime? Perhaps during the post-game wrap? Today should be a valuable reminder to everyone how important it is to have a disciplinarian for a coach. Y’know, all that attention to detail, the elimination of mental mistakes, etc. that sort of thing.

I’m trying to remember the last time I saw seven penalties assessed to a team moments into the 2nd quarter. It might’ve been the Giants a few weeks ago.

In Eli Manning’s defense, were the trio of Shockey, Burress and Tom Carter holding on to catchable balls, Seattle’s would only be up by say, 4 touchdowns.

By far the most exciting part of the day has been Curt Menefee totally cutting off Terry Bradshaw when the latter tried to get a word in edgewise about the Giants’ putrid performance. It couldn’t have gone smoother had Joe Buck been sticking pins into a Menefee doll.

(UPDATE : Seahakws 42, Giants 30. For the second week in a row, Eli goes nuts in the 4th quarter. After a failed 2 point conversion, the Giants couldn’t take possesion with an onside kick with two minutes and change remaining.)

Cleveland’s Kellen Winslow has 7 catches (92 yards) with about 4 minutes against Baltimore, with the Browns nursing a 14-12 lead. Apparently, all that campaigning through the media really paid off. Ravens CB Chris McAllister just picked off a Charlie Frye pass in the end zone, so Steve McNair will have another shot at getting Baltimore into field goal range.

(UPDATE : Ravens 15, Browns 14. Matt Stover kicked a 52 yard field goal with 20 seconds remaining.)

Kurt Warner’s been intercepted 3 times today by his old pals. Once again, the Rams show no respect to Kurt, Brenda or their faith.

(UPDATE : Rams 16, Cardinals 14. Bulger and Warner exchanged fumbles before the whistle and handshakes afterwards.)