Sorry, I’ve been waiting nearly two years to use the above headline. From the New York Post‘s Page 6 :

In a sordid lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Kim Shamsky says that during their 13-year marriage the famed outfielder and first baseman Art  “engaged in acts of adultery with both men and women,” without her knowledge. His romps included “acts of ‘unprotected’ sexual and deviate sexual intercourse,” according to the suit.

The court papers state that Kim, suspecting her hubby was fooling around, submitted to a number of medical tests. After one examination, she was informed by her doctor she had contracted the human papilloma virus (HPV).

The suit claims Shamsky continued to have sex with her although he “knew that an individual or individuals with whom he had engaged in sexual relations had contracted HPV or that he had contracted HPV.”

Kim, who says she suffered “serious physiological and emotional injury,” is asking for $11 million in damages.

Art’s lawyer, Pat Crispo, dismissed the entire lawsuit as “frivolous” and insisted Shamsky is free of sexual disease. “This is the act of a very angry ex-wife who has maligned him in the press,” Crispo told Page Six. “He will be vindicated in the courts.”