a) History has already shown us that Diddy and basketball are a potentially fatal mix.
b) “No throwbacks”? Is David Stern throwing the party, Gilbert?
c) if Sab Grey isn’t doing an acapella version of “Crucified For Our Sins”, it’s not really an A-List DC event.

In spite of all this, it was another ho-hum, 35 point, 12 assist night from the most quoted/photographed/linked man in the NBA, as the Wizards beat the Clippers, 116-105 tonight.

Vince Carter brutally posterized Andres Nocioni at the Swamp this evening, but proceeded to miss a pair of crucial free throws in the dying seconds, with Jersey leading the Da Bulls, 89-86.  On the ensuing possession, Kirk Heinrich missed a layup (getting hammered in the process), and Ben Wallace was called for goaltending on the tip-in.  A pair of VC free throws later, and you’ve got a 91-86 Nets win.

Oh, I almost forgot. Add this one to Jason Kidd’s Greatest Hits reel.

A quartet of Jazz players are breathing easier tonight after it was announced they won’t be facing rape charges in Portland ; apparently, the victim can’t positively ID her attackers.  Not to mock the serious nature of the case, but most Americans would have trouble recognizing Deron Williams and Paul Milsap.