Former World Chess Champion / serial anti-semite Bobby Fischer (above) provided no shortage of controversy during his time on this mortal coil (not to mention scads of CSTB traffic — thanks for feeding this Jew’s media domination, Bob!) and he’s no less a fractious figure in death. The Telegraph’s Andrew Hough reports the Icelandic Supreme Court has ruled Fischer’s remains can be exhumed to settle a dispute over his estate and the paternity of a 9 year-old girl from the Philippines, Jinky Young.

The court overturned a ruling from the District Court of Reykjavik last month after new evidence emerged that the chess champion sent money to Jinky™s mother, Marilyn Young, 31, just before he died.

The money from the estate, thought to originate from his 1992 defeat of Boris Spassky in their “world championship rematch, is also being contested by his wife Miyoko Watai, two American nephews and the American government, whom he owed unpaid taxes.

The court was told that new evidence had emerged that Fischer had transferred money to Mrs Young in 2006 and 2007, boosting her case that he was in fact her father.

The court ruled that DNA could be taken from Fischer’s remains and compared to genetic matter from the girl and her mother.

“In order to obtain such a sample, it is unavoidable to exhume his body,” it ruled. It did not specify when the remains would be dug up.

Judges said Jinky Young’s need to discover the identity of her father outweighed concerns that the claim was not “strong enough”.