The Magic Valley Times-News’ Nate Poppino reports Robbie Knievel is in negotiations with Twin Falls, ID officials in the hopes of jumping the Snake River Canyon during the summer of 2011.  Knievel’s father, Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel, made an unsuccessful attempt at such  a leap on closet-circuit TV  in September of 1974, using a rocket-powered cycle designed by Doug Malewicki and Robert Truax.

Robbie Knievel will make his pitch for the jump Monday afternoon at a private meeting organized with the help of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of

Shawn Barigar, the chamber™s president and CEO, said he was approached by Knievel™s representatives a few weeks ago about the idea. The meeting will give the daredevil a chance to share his thoughts and hear feedback from local officials, Barigar said.

Lowe said a wide range of local government and business interests have been invited, though it wasn™t clear this week how many plan to attend. The meeting is definitely on the calendar of the city of Twin Falls, which has worked to acquire the Knievel jump site. Officials there will wait to hear Robbie Knievel™s proposal before sharing any thoughts on the idea, spokeswoman Julie Pence said Friday.

A camera crew shooting a reality TV show about Robbie Knievel will also stop in town this weekend, Lowe said.

Many have talked off and on over the years about another jump attempt ” in 1994, two Los Angeles disc jockeys even pitched strapping a statue from a restaurant chain to a rocket and sending it over the rim. In 2008, Daniel LaBelle, president of Chicago-based Rocket Man Productions Inc., announced tentative plans for a stunt competition, the winner of which would get to jump the canyon.