…tell him to grow up and/or put down the smart (?) phone.  That’s the lesson we can take away from CNN contributor Roland Martin, who was suspended by the network today following a firestorm of criticism after a series of tweets on Super Bowl Sunday take exception to Beckham’s signature line of man-pants and/or pink attire at a football game.

Martin has tried to pass himself off as a soccerphobe rather than a gay basher, but unless you’re auditioning to become Jim Rome’s guest host, that’s a curious brand of damage control.  It’s far too easy for Martin to label himself an anti-bullying advocate when it’s clearly no big deal when he suggests — even in jest — that those with a Boner For Beckham deserve a beatdown.  With all due respect to the folks at It Gets Better,  it doesn’t necessarily get any better in the world of sophisticated adults employed by CNN.