After failing to prevent Green Bay’s Randall Cobb from scoring a dramatic last minute TD that catapulted the Packers into the playoffs — and ended the Bears’ season — Chicago S Chris Conte would seem a likely target for Twitter-harassment.  The thing is, Conte’s not on Twitter, but another Chris Conte, a reporter for Nashville’s WTVF (above), caught the brunt of the abuse.

“I will kill your babies,” one person Tweeted.

“I hope you die of AIDS,” another one said.

“Wrap your mouth around a tail pipe until you pass out,” a third person suggested.

Most of the things these people posted online for all the world to see are of course protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, but you have to wonder if somewhere along the way we’ve lost a small piece of common decency toward one another.

I personally didn’t take any of these comments very seriously but there are too many young people out there who are victims of this type of cyber bullying who can’t just brush it off.