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Perhaps when Ozzie Guillen professed his admiration for Castro, he meant someone other than Fidel?  Xbiz.com’s Bob Johnson reports that after the duo of Sara Jay and’Angelina Castro promised earlier this to perform oral sex on their Twitter followers if Miami won the NBA Championship,  on Thursday the pair made good on their guarantee, an occasion Johnson claims required “clearing legal hurdles from the NBA”.   Not to question the journalistic integrity of Xbiz.com, but I’m pretty sure you can blow whoever you want without David Stern’s approval.

One of the participants, Cody, said, “Meeting Sara Jay, who is one of my top five favorite adult film stars of all time and Angelina Castro who I can never stop watching… is so worth every second of it.

“I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything even if I knew that there would be keyboard warriors out there trolling about me. I would do it again, in a heartbeat. Sara Jay and Angelina Castro made it so much easier on all of us they treated us like we were people they knew for a long time.”

Jay commented, “No one thought we would do even one BJ for our twitter followers. I am glad we proved all the doubters wrong. We didn’t come close to breaking the world record for oral sex in a day but maybe next time now that people know #TeamBJ isn’t a joke.”

Castro said, “Anyone who thinks a Cuban wasn’t prepared to get down on her knees in the name of capitalism and the Miami Heat was wrong. Thanks to all the fans on Twitter who supported the event and made it so much fun.”